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I have, at long last, put together the "last link in the chain" and created each individual aircraft history spanning the past 40 years or so!

Many thanks must go to Richard Church, Author of "The One-Eleven Story", for the invaluable information that he has obtained over the years. This section would not have been possible without his help.

I have not listed "every registered owner" of "every" aircraft since many were not the actual operator. This is very much the case with many of the executive operated aircraft which were owned by many different organisations (banks, leasing companies etc)

I have included all known "exact" dates where possible.

There will be some errors in this list, therefore I would welcome any feedback so that corrections can be made.

Where there are boxes with "unknown" in them your help would be appreciated to help me to find the missing information so that I can fill them!


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Aircraft Changes