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The BAC 1-11 was 55 years old in 2018! What an incredible achievement.


After nearly 56 years of flight, the very last 1-11 was finally retired from service on the 6th May 2019 


Back in 2001 this was my first attempt at a website and it's still going 20 years later in 2021! I recently printed off the contents and amazingly it came to over 500 pages! Someone recently told me that it was like "opening up a tardis" of information!

I'm always looking to improve the website so please give me as much feedback as possible! - I WOULD LIKE MORE SO DON'T BE AFRAID TO MAKE SUGGESTIONS!

The BAC 1-11 has been the most successful "classic" British built jet airliner. 235 aircraft were built in the UK with a further 9 completed in Romania. The British Aircraft Corporation should have sold many more of these fine aeroplanes, but for one reason or another it wasn't to be!

Highlights and statistics have included the following:-

The aircraft has been registered in over 50 different countries worldwide and has been used by over 200 operators.

The first ever 1-11 flight into Heathrow took place on the 6th July 1964 by c/n 015. It arrived in its brand new Braniff Airways livery and registration G-ASUF which was used by BAC during demo flights before being re-registered as N1541.

Over 70 1-11s were ordered by US operators in the 1960s! In total over 200 different registrations have been used on 1-11s in the USA.

The largest operator of the 1-11 was British Airways. They operated 44 different aircraft between 1974 and 1993.

Approximately 50 1-11s have been used as executive jets. The Americans and Saudis loved them! Between 1965 and 2008 these 50 or so airframes have been registered and operated by many hundreds of different corporate users.

Nearly 50% of the entire 1-11 fleet have been operated in Africa with 80 airframes having been registered in Nigeria alone!

Tarom operated the 1-11 longer than any other operator. The fleet remained in service for over 32 years. This has now been surpassed by the Royal Air Force of Oman fleet of three 1-11s. They entered service in 1974 and were finally retired in July 2010! 36 years with the RAFO since new!

As you are no doubt aware 1-11 passenger operations in the UK came to a close at the end of March 2002 as the new European noise regulations were introduced.

I am very keen indeed for you to record / photograph  any 1-11 movements. If you have any news then please tell me either via email or go to my BAC 1-11 Facebook Group. On the website "Links" page you will be directed to many images via, and These aviation photographic websites give you access to nearly 5000 1-11 images!

Take a good look at the Links page. I have included as many websites as possible that have information about the 1-11. There are also a few that take you to some Microsoft Flight Simulator download sites that give you a good selection of 1-11s in various different liveries. Happy surfing!

Special thanks must be given to the following who have contributed to the Gallery and elsewhere on the website: -

BAe Systems, Ian Haskell, Colin Work, Steve Williams, Eduard Marmet, Tony Best, Steve Rhymes, Steve Burland, Mike Stewart, Toni Marimon, Tom Hildreth,  Pierre Langlois, Derek Ferguson, Martin Pole, Simon Adams, Adrian Balch, Besnard, D & R Collishaw, Keith Gaskell, Elliot Greenman, Bob Garrard, Maureen Cuskelly, Bob Hobbs, Ralf Manteufel, Cristian Volpati, Peter Upton, Nick Webb, Sebastian Acosta, Richard Vandervord, Chris Doggett and Simon Hill.

A huge thank you must also go to Richard Church, author of the "The One-Eleven Story" for all his assistance with this ongoing project!

I will improve the website when time permits. I have now replaced the gallery with the BAe Systems Archive Collection page which displays an amazing selection of images taken by the manufacturer over the years. The gallery page now lists the images that I still need to find to complete my archive collection. It is my intention to place images under each operator in the country guide to operators page. (See Argentina for an example of how it will eventually look)

Finally, I have created a new "special feature" page entitled "The 50th Anniverary". This momentous occasion took place on the 20th August 2013. Please do take the time to look at my special features as I'm always adding interesting stories to them.

NOTE:- Please be aware that the majority of images on my website have come from other sources / various photographers as listed below. They have all given me kind permission to display these images on my BAC 1-11 website with a credit. The copyright for these is therefore with the individual who has taken the photos and not with myself or "". Therefore it would be much appreciated if you would first contact the individual photographer for "their" permission if you wish to use any of "their" images and of course out of courtesy. If I have missed any credits that are due or if you have any other objections about any of the images shown then please contact me immediately so that I can do something about it!

For further information about the aircraft please consider becoming a member of my Facebook Group. I can also be contacted at the email address below.

This site will only be as good as the feedback I receive so keep it coming!

Contact me Peter Clark at: - or visit my BAC 1-11 Facebook Group at: - bac1-11jet - Home of the BAC 1-11 on the Web Facebook Group


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