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The gallery has been removed. I have replaced it with the BAe Systems Archive Collection. When time permits I will add images to the "Country guide to operators pages". See Argentina for an example.

NOTE:- Please be aware that the majority of images on my website have come from other sources / various photographers as listed below. They have all given me kind permission to display these images on my BAC 1-11 website with a credit. The copyright for these is therefore with the individual who has supplied the images and not with myself or "". Therefore it would be much appreciated if you would first contact the individual contributor for "their" permission if you wish to use any of "their" images and of course out of courtesy.

Thank you to the following for contributing images to this website.


BAE SYSTEMS, Ian Haskell, Colin Work, Steve Williams, Eduard Marmet, Tony Best, Steve Rhymes, Steve Burland, Mike Stewart, Toni Marimon, Tom Hildreth, Pierre Langlois, Derek Ferguson, Martin Pole, Simon Adams, Adrian Balch, Besnard, D and R Collishaw, Keith Gaskell, Elliot Greenman, Bob Garrard, Maureen Cuskelly, Bob Hobbs, Ralf Manteufel, Cristian Volpati, Peter Upton, Nick Webb, Sebastian Acosta.


Please help me find the following images which I still need to complete my 1-11 archive collection.


Required BAC 1-11 images  -  As of January 2022


Aviateca TG-ARA - Leased from Court Line Dec70 to Mar71
British Aircraft Corporation G-16-6, 12, 14, 17, 19, 24, 25, G-ATVU, G-AXVO, G-AYSU, G-AYXB, G-AZDG
Bahamas Airways VP-BCP - Mar70 to Oct70
Balkh Airlines YA-GAG - Dec97 for a couple of months only
Bavaria/Germanair D-ALLI - Not confirmed to have flown with these titles
Cayman Airways TI-1095C - Leased periodically from Lacsa during 1973 with titles only
Classic Air N1120J - Sep90 to Dec90
Congo Airlines 9Q-CKP
Executive Aircraft P4-AMO, P4-CBI, P4-CCL, VR-BAC, N5LG, N8LG, N18HD, N69HM, N80G, N97GA, N111NS,
  N114MX, N128TA, N3765F, N5042, N583CQ, N70611, N809M, N825AQ, N880P, TP-0201
Hold Trade-Air  5N-HTB
Istanbul Hava Yollari TC-ARI - For one month only in Marmara colour scheme
Kabo Air 5N-KBA, 5N-KBC, 5N-KBE, 5N-KBG, 5N-KBO, 5N-KBT, 5N-KBW, N1112J, N1122J
LIAT VP-LAR - Leased from Court Line Dec73 to Mar74
Okada Air 5N-AOZ, 5N-AXQ, 5N-MZE, 5N-TOM, 5N-NRC, 5N-OKA, 5N-OMO, 5N-OVE, 5N-SDP
Philippine Airlines PI-C1191 - First flight only in PAL livery at Hurn


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